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Design Technology

Design Technology at Belvedere Junior School develops every child’s ability and knowledge in design structures, mechanisms, electrical control and cooking. Children use their enquiry skills to think about important issues to invent solutions.  Within these enquiries, children gain skills through problem solving, planning, making and evaluating their own work allows our children to work independently and as a collaborator. Children are taught that small failures are a key success tool for pinpointing areas for development, therefore ensuring future success. 


We celebrate the artistic creativity of every child.     With access to a range of high quality craft materials, each child has the opportunity to express themselves in a fun and imaginative way. As well as experimenting with a variety of mediums and learning new creative skills, all pupils have the opportunity to make creative decisions and be inventive in the art work they produce.  Research into the history of art and famous artists inspire every child to learn different techniques and apply them to their own masterpieces. Art at Belvedere Junior School instils a sense of pride in our children and boosts their self-confidence.