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Pupil Voice

School Council 2020 - 2021

At Belvedere Junior School, we ensure every child has the opportunity to be heard. Every week, our children have their voice heard in a variety of ways. We discuss important topics during our Votes for Schools lessons and ensure everyone has their votes counted and shared with the V4S community. Every class also has a discussion around a P4C topic each week where children learn to share their ideas thoughtfully.

Through the School and Eco Council, children have the chance to suggest ideas and make big, positive changes across the school and feel that they have an impact on their safe, happy learning. We believe that our pupils need to have ownership of their learning. It is not just important for our pupils to have a voice, but for the adults in our school to hear them.

Here are some recent things that our learners have shared:

  • "We make the school a better place by making new things happen!" Luke, Y3
  • "I think what school council really means is to be kind to people, it is a responsibility. It is our job to help each other and improve the school as much as we can." Charlie, Y5
  • "School Council is great – we help other people and make sure they are happy. It is our responsibility that everyone is happy at school, if they are not we can do something to change that." Y5 child.
  • "We get to have meetings and share ideas about what we can do to make the school friendly and fun." Maximus, Y4
  • "It is quite nice because we get to see other people in our virtual meetings and the adults make sure they hear us, we can even unmute ourselves! We can tell Miss Purl listens to us." Kytly, Y3